Dear Students and Associate Training Partners,

Welcome you all to National Institute of Youth Computer Education (NIYCE) and I am delighted that you have choosen to join a training program provided by “NIYCE”. We are proud to inform you that “NIYCE” provides quality computer education and facilities. NIYCE has a strong commitment to develop computer professionals. We have a team of well qualified and well experienced computer faculty who really cares for the students and that is why it makes us different. We are student oriented and receptive to their needs and requirements.
Our experience in conducting these training programs is for more than TWENTY FOUR years and has a wide acceptance of these programs by the industry which has encouraged us to become a multi-dimensional and multi-faceted in terms of our approach and objectives. I am confident that you will gain good benefits and acquire perfect experience from our training programs, as a student or as an Associate Training Partner.
I wish you every success in your studies and in your excellent career.

On behalf of Team “NIYCE”